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Best-Seller Campaigns

We Guarantee Your Best-Seller Status,
or you don't pay.

There is no point in just having a book gathering digital dust. When your book becomes a best-seller, it opens up doors to speaking engagements, influence and credibility.

Audiobook Production and Marketing

We Deliver World-Class Audiobook Production

and we deliver marketing content for your audiobook to drive sales.


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Meet ACX Criterias & Go Live on Audible

Digital Advertising

We Promote Your Book With Paid Advertising

No matter where your audience is, we'll reach them with paid advertising. We'll promote your book and story on Meta, Google, Amazon Ads, and even Podcast Ads, and setup and manage your campaigns to amplify your message and drive book sales and influence.

Google Ads

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Post-Roll Ads

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Linkedin Ads

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Podcast Ads

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Podcast Tours

Amplify Your Message With Podcast Tours and Digital PR

We place you on the top 10% of podcasts globally relevant to your audience. Here are some of the entrepreneurs, and business podcasts we work with.

Book Website and Membership Communities

Build a Community Around Your Book and Maximize Impact

Elevate your readers' experience to the next level with an exclusive membership community. Designed to cultivate an engaged, loyal audience around your book

Book Podcasts

Dedicated Book Podcast: Expand Your Network, Lead, Maximize Your Influence

By creating a dedicated podcast for your book, we help you expand your network, establish thought leadership, and maximize your book's reach and impact.

Here’s What You Stand To Gain!

1. Credibility and Authority

A best-selling book establishes you as a thought leader, enhancing trust and reinforcing your expertise.

2. Differentiation from Competitors

It sets you apart, providing a clear competitive edge that can help redefine your market presence.

3. Networking and Opportunities

Such a title opens doors to strategic connections, speaking slots, and collaborative ventures, much as elite performance does in any field.

4. Long-term Sales and Leads

Beyond the immediate spike in book sales, the ripple effect can significantly bolster lead generation and sales through heightened visibility.

5. Marketing and Promotion

The content from your book campaign serves as a rich resource for ongoing marketing efforts, continually engaging your audience and strengthening your brand.

6. Legacy and Impact

A best-selling book leaves a lasting legacy, imparting your insights and knowledge to future generations. It solidifies your contribution to your industry and mission positioning you as a pioneer and influencer in the field for years to come.

Our Why.


Show Worx Media, an AI-driven publishing company, elevates entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject matter experts into realms of influence by guiding them to become best-selling authors, in-demand speakers, and acclaimed thought leaders

What We Do.

We deliver influence systems.

Our commitment is to magnify the presence of business visionaries, providing them with cutting-edge AI tools and forward-thinking strategies that empower them to lead, innovate, and excel in an ever-changing and competitive international arena.

It's time to scale your influence. Let's connect.

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