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The Challenges for Aspiring Advocates and Leaders.

...and the reasons why many visionaries don't turn into published authors.

Demanding Time Commitments

Authorship is often a marathon, not a sprint, traditionally requiring a commitment to write 500 words daily over six months. As an advocate or business leader, your time is already stretched thin.

Steep Financial Investment

Hiring a ghostwriter can set you back anywhere from $50,000 to $125,000, and that’s just for writing the manuscript. This hefty investment doesn't even factor in the critical aspect of a marketing campaign for your book.

Limited Success Rates

Despite best efforts, many self-published authors struggle to make significant impact from their books, ultimately failing to create the commercial or influential impact they intended.

Uncover the Impact of Advocacy and Influence Through Authorship.

Explore how Simon Taylor, CEO of HYCU, harnessed the power of authorship
to amplify his advocacy for revolutionizing SaaS data protection.

His journey from CEO to #1 Amazon Best-Selling author showcases
how a well-crafted book and launch campaign can scale the impact of a vital cause,
elevating HYCU's global influence dramatically.

Real-World Success Stories:
Harnessing the Synergy of Advocacy, Authorship, and Influence.

Blake Mycoskie

Advocacy Heart: Mycoskie, through TOMS Shoes, redefined the business model with his "one for one" approach, merging consumerism with charity.

Book as a Catalyst: His "Start Something That Matters" goes beyond storytelling – it serves as a motivational guide, encouraging a blend of profitability with social responsibility.

Ripple of Influence: The book has inspired a new wave of entrepreneurs, reshaping the landscape of business to prioritize societal impact alongside financial success.

Sheryl Sandberg

Advocacy Heart: Sheryl Sandberg addresses gender disparity in leadership, empowering women in the corporate world.

Book as a Catalyst: "Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead" blends personal narratives with actionable insights, providing a roadmap for women's professional advancement and equality.

Ripple of Influence: The book has sparked global conversations, influencing corporate gender policies and inspiring the creation of LeanIn.Org, thus amplifying its impact on a societal scale.


Advocacy Heart: John Mackey promotes ethical business through "Conscious Capitalism," focusing on sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Book as a Catalyst: In "Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business," Mackey offers a new vision for business success, intertwining ethical practices with profitability.

Ripple of Influence: This book has significantly influenced the business world, encouraging companies to adopt sustainable and ethical strategies, impacting business cultures globally.

Revolutionizing Advocacy and Influence with Artificial Generative Intelligence (AGI) in Book Publishing: Transforming Your Cause into a Bestseller.

We do more than publish books; we publish best-selling books!

We offer a #1 Best-Selling book creation process that's 300% faster and 50% more affordable, exclusively for advocates and leaders.

...and to bolster your influence, we provide a full year's arsenal of marketing content, including
80 tailored digital assets, strategically crafted to promote your leadership influence and your book.

Our Proven Three Phased Approach with AGI Integration:

Phase 1

$ Contact 5 business days.
  • Influence strategy and blueprinting session
  • Develop chapter outline based on the influence strategy and P3 framework
  • Book synopsis development and production
  • Book front and back cover concept development and design (Kindle and PDF)
  • Video production plan based on chapter outlines

Phase 2

$ Contact 15 business days.
  • Record 20 videos based on chapter structure
  • Post produce 60 digital content assets (videos and articles) for book launch campaign
  • Strategic post copy for all 80 digital content assets
  • Transcribe the chapter videos and write clear and concise prose that engages the reader
  • Manuscript editing and typesetting for publication on Amazon Kindle and print on demand

Phase 3

$ Contact 10 business days.
  • Publish Kindle and Paperback formats (Audiobook optional extra)
  • Launch best-seller promotion campaign (we guarantee #1 Amazon Best Seller status within ten days of launch)
  • Publication of 80 digital content assets on your digital channels
  • Live stream your content to your digital channels
  • Social advertising campaign management
  • We place you on the top 5% of global podcasts
  • Digital PR, press release development and distribution

Our Why.


Show Worx Media, an AI-driven publishing company, elevates entrepreneurs, business leaders, and subject matter experts into realms of influence by guiding them to become best-selling authors, in-demand speakers, and acclaimed thought leaders

What We Do.

We deliver influence systems.

Our commitment is to magnify the presence of business visionaries, providing them with cutting-edge AI tools and forward-thinking strategies that empower them to lead, innovate, and excel in an ever-changing and competitive international arena.

We Wrote the Book on Influence
for Business Leaders

In today's digital age, influence is often reduced to numbers like followers and likes, but "Secrets of Influence" goes beyond these metrics, offering business leaders an in-depth exploration of digital leadership.

The book introduces powerful strategies for entrepreneurs and CEOs to expand their influence, emphasizing genuine impact over superficial measures.

It provides practical tools and a unique content strategy, emphasizing that it's not just a book but a masterclass for leaders looking to harness the true power of digital influence, whether they are experienced CEOs or emerging entrepreneurs, to make their online and offline influence authentic, impactful, and enduring.

Our Essence

At Show Worx Media, we're dedicated to amplifying your advocacy and influence as a visionary leader.

Our unique approach sets us apart from traditional PR firms, digital agencies, and ghostwriting services. We specialize in transforming your cause into a compelling narrative, elevating your stature as an author and influencer.

Our methods are not just advanced; they're revolutionizing the industry. We empower you to reach your influence goals uniquely and authentically. With us, you'll achieve these milestones 300% faster and at 50% less cost than any other service in North America, all while staying true to your mission and message.

Our Philosophy

In a world driven by voices of change, business leaders with influence are pivotal in shaping a better future.

Our mission is to nurture and expand the reach of such visionary leaders, building resilient businesses ready to navigate and capitalize on the complexities and opportunities of our ever-evolving world.

Our partnership with CEOs and their leadership teams is focused on accelerating their journey to influential advocacy and impactful leadership.

How We Work

Partnering with visionary leaders, we focus on expediting their influence and impact, harnessing the power of artificial generative intelligence (AGI).

Our unique influence systems guarantee results, whether it's a #1 Amazon Best-Selling book, a dynamic podcast and media platform, or a year’s worth of compelling content.

We integrate AGI to enhance creativity and efficiency, reinforcing our commitment as a true strategic partner to our clients and their visionary goals.

It's time to scale your influence. Let's connect.

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